• Paul Tong

Lessons from a tuk tuk driver

I have just completed a very enjoyable three weeks in Hyderabad coaching a group to ensure skills from a training course are embedded back in the workplace. My daily routine often involved a tuk tuk ride to the office which led me to reflect on some of the coaching conversations I have with teams and individuals.

The tuk tuk drivers have figured out how to be in the right space at the right time in order to navigate through heavy traffic and reach their destination. Watching how they operate they seem to have very little clutter in their immediate working space, they are completely immersed in their present work, fully aware of how the other road users are responding and the next step in the journey. This is all done with a lovely mix of assertiveness, respect for other road users and a little courage.

The tuk tuk ride was a reminder for me to be aware of the physical and mental clutter that can interfere with being at my best. I am going to try happily navigating today with the tuk tuk drivers approach in mind.

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