I’ve worked with people from a range of organisations including a global bank, Baille Gifford, Kantar, McDermott Middle east Inc. My work has spanned multiple sectors including; marketing insights, higher education, banking, IT services, Media, local government and the charity sector.  Below you will see what clients have said about the experience.

"I started the coaching journey with Paul with no clear view of what I wanted to achieve, to be honest, I just knew I had challenges to overcome in order to become the best version of myself. Paul helped me identify a goal really early, though, and by focusing on what underpinned that goal in our sessions made it a lot easier to understand how it could be achieved.
He displayed a wizard-like ability to guide me out of corners by simply asking me questions. He clearly connected with what I wanted to achieve and knew exactly how much he needed to challenge me when I needed to go a bit deeper. Reaching said depths led to a number of light bulb moments.
Paul's ability to connect with everything I talked about and his unwavering objectivity provided me with as positive a coaching journey as could have hoped for. He is very, very good at what he does."

Ross McMichael -Delivering Projects at Baille Gifford

"Paul is a true professional. He creates an excellent space for his clients to grow into. He uses reflection and contracting to ensure the coachee gets real value out of the sessions. His quietly challenging approach resulted in some transformational discoveries. It was a huge pleasure being coached by Paul and I feel a notable increase in confidence in progressing my business forward."

Robin Swift - Business owner

"I had the good fortune of working with Paul for a number of coaching sessions this year. As a coach I found him to be extremely professional and structured in his coaching style. I would say quite simply that Paul has a natural talent or intuition for coaching. He is an active and attentive listener and knows how and when to ask the right questions to bring his coachees to another level of self-awareness and clarity".

Denis Niedringhaus

Paul is a great listener, observing verbal as well as nonverbal cues. He would often refer back to previous sessions which made me feel heard and held in the space. His style of questioning brought out of me things I didn't know I knew! Thank you for making my first experience of peer coaching such an enlightening one.

Katie Denyer - P J Coaching

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