Hi, I'm Paul, founder of OTR, family-man, traveller, cyclist, coach, and business problem solver. My work is inspired by a good deal of experience in life, including a  25-year business career. I have worked in market research, manufacturing, banking, higher education, social enterprise and the charity sector. I've led international teams from commercial and technical backgrounds in business growth and recovery situations, developed new markets, and set up off-shore and outsourcing services. I understand the challenges that people at all levels in an organisation face and thrive on helping them cut through complexity to find their way forward during periods of transformation.

I am an internationally qualified professional coach and experienced facilitator. I am told that I am calm, compassionate and challenging when working one-to-one and with groups. I create a space in which people learn and develop clarity, belief and meaning so that they can move forward on the road to their personal and professional goals.

To keep my balance, relax and find my own way forward, I enjoy being coached myself, continuing to learn, walking with my family and taking part in long-distance cycling events that combine travel and discovery.

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